Posted by: Canadian HR Solutions Inc. | June 1, 2011

Talent Acquisition Practices that Improve Employee Retention

Hiring the right candidates requires a combination of art and science.  Art in this context refers to your experience, gained over years, and science refers to the use of research-based occupational assessments that can help you to select employees who, in addition to being technically sound, are a good fit with the organization’s culture.

The following are a few considerations that can be leveraged to improve the outcome of hiring decisions:

1)  Be clear on the required knowledge, skills, attitudes, and other attributes.  Frequently expectations pertaining to the technical skills required for a role are based on the previous or current incumbent.  Perhaps there is desire to maintain or improve upon what we currently have or previously had.  Instead, spend time clarifying what is required for success in the role without being distracted by the specifics of the previous or current incumbent.  Think about how that role impact’s the organization’s strategic goals and what technical and soft skills as well as attitude are required for success.

2) Screen candidates based on their fit with the organization’s culture.  This can be done by using the occupational assessment tools provided by Canadian HR Solutions, Inc.

3) Be sure to provide a realistic job preview during the recruitment and selection process.  When the honeymoon period of a new job ends, talented employees often say bitterly, “this is not what I had expected – or – it is nothing like what was described to me when I was hired.”

4) Provide an opportunity for several employees within the organization to interview the candidate.   The outcome of these interviews will assist in the hiring decision and it will give the candidate a closer look at people in the organization as well as its culture.

5) Verify career, educational, and other background information.

posted by Caroline Cole, Practice Leader, Canadian HR Solutions, Inc.


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