Posted by: Canadian HR Solutions Inc. | June 2, 2011

Guidelines for Crafting a Strategic Agenda

A well-designed strategic agenda can be used both to direct and mobilize people, ensuring that their attention is focused on the core initiatives that will have the greatest impact on positive organizational performance.

1) Take the necessary time to create a compelling picture of where you want the organization to go and resist the inclination to lock into a plan too quickly.

2) Diagnose the company’s problems beginning with the customer’s perspective and continuing with a grounded view of what the company stands for.

3) Build the strategic agenda in a joint effort with your team versus in a silo.

4) Incorporate an explicit plan to address cultural issues and also barriers to change.

5) Expect pushback on your agenda, but rather than resist, coalesce that input in a positive way to maximize buy-in.

posted by Caroline Cole, Practice Leader, Canadian HR Solutions, Inc.


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