Posted by: Canadian HR Solutions Inc. | March 6, 2012

Is Your Career Ladder Leaning Against the Right Wall?

While some of the most successful people end up in careers for which they, initially, gave little planning –  somewhere along their journey they have, likely, paused and thought about whether or not the work that they are doing plays to their innate strengths.

When I write about innate strengths I am referring to things that we are able to do with very little effort.   Some would say that these are things that come naturally.  Work that builds upon our natural talents does not feel like work and getting paid for such work is a bonus for the person on the receiving end!

Have you heard of someone who has sacrificed a great deal to attain a particular career and after working in that field for a while discovered that they don’t like the daily tasks involved and they are not suited to the work itself and or the work environment?    While it is true that experience is never wasted as we invariably learn something from the process, depending upon what was sacrificed to gain that career there is a good chance that one may feel significant regret with the outcome described above.

To prevent going too far down a career path that doesn’t fit well it is worthwhile to spend a bit of time up front evaluating our interests, values, and strengths for it is where they intersect that we will find our most rewarding and engaging work.

by Caroline Cole, Practice Leader, Canadian HR Solutions, Inc.


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